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Brandon Strack

Cinematographer, Motion Designer
​ー Smooth (Drone) Operator

Originally hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Brandon truly came into his own after coming to Tokyo, feeding off the energy of the city. Brandon has created and directed inspiring content for global brands and artists seen by audiences around the world.

Always curious about new technologies and DIY solutions, Brandon quickly took to multi-rotor hobby kits in the days before DJI Phantom began to fly everywhere, to try to get cameras up in the air to get new and more interesting perspectives. Today, Brandon makes use of all sorts of different types of drone platforms to get the shot.

In addition to filming, Brandon has also always had a passion for motion graphics and CG, creating everything from original content as a visual artist (and VJ), but also practically supporting the visual content projects that he takes part in.

Brandon is currently represented by STRATEGY SET in Tokyo, Japan.

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