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Fitbit - Versa 2 TVCM

To increase awareness in Japan of their new product the Versa 2, Fitbit, in partnership with Genero, knew they needed to make a series of TVCMs specific to the market. A simple localization was not going to cut it, and this was one of the main challenges that STRATEGY SET is particularly adept at: adapting US commercials for the Japanese market from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint. To pull this off, we teamed up with one of our favorite directors, Chris Rudz. Over the course of two days, we filmed the TVCMs across six locations, with eleven talent, and one dog (who was a very good boy).  Together, with the help of a bilingual script writer, we came up with solutions that kept the spirit of the original CM, while infusing a uniquely Japanese perspective to resound with Japanese consumers. 

Producer: Adrian Grey
Assistant Producer/AD: Tom Slemmons
Director: Chris Rudz
DP: Brandon Strack
AC: Alexis Wuillaume
Art Director: Stephanie Warner
Production Manager: Tatsuya Yamada
Gaffer: Yosuke Shimada
HMU: Janeth Leyva Aragon
PA: Shoichi Hanaue, Matthew McLellan
Editor: Issam Kechouri
Scriptwriter: Kai Hoshino Sandy
Color: Ben Conkey

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