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JNTO - Experience More Japan

Strategy SET teamed up with wasa-be (AOI Pro.) to produce 13 films about 13 prefectures in western Japan for the Japan National Tourism Organization. These prefectures had experienced a dip in tourism following a series of natural disasters in 2018, and thus needed to spark tourists’ interest once again. We came up with a style of video that allowed us to shoot interesting content at locations specified by each prefecture in record time. The Kyoto video was the first video created and set the overall tone and style that the client responded positively to, and set us out on a journey across the country to capture the rest.

Producer: Adrian Grey

Director: Tom Slemmons
DP: Brandon Strack,

Cameraman: Chris Sheppard, Takeshi Fukushima
Production Manager: Tatsuya Yamada
Production Coordinator: Takashi Ichioka
Transport: Ishigaki
Editor: Issam Kechouri (, Tom Slemmons

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