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The Kyoto State Guest House

Strategy SET was commissioned by the Kyoto State Guest House to work with the world famous designer, Gelman, to make a promotional film about the Guest House. Aiming for more than a simple walkthrough video, we set out to provide a perspective that not only shows the intricate designs and attention to detail, but also the cultural and culinary artists who are called in to entertain visiting state dignitaries.

Creative Director: Gelman (

Production Manager: Miwako Sato (

Producer: Adrian Grey

Production Coordinator: Tatsuya Yamada

DP: Brandon Strack (

AC: Tom Slemmons

Gaffer: Vince Paul

Sound: Jeffrey Jousan

Editor: Issam Kechouri (, Brandon

Strack, Tom Slemmons

PA: Shochi Hanaue, Takashi Ichioka

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