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UD Trucks - Quon Concept 202X

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, UD Trucks was presenting a tangible new way of communication and interconnectivity in the industry with a new concept truck designed by UD for the near-future: The Quon Concept 202X.

Not merely a design and technology exercise, UD wanted to combine cool, robustness, evolution with delight, optimism and anticipation.

We were tasked with recognizing these ideals through a promotional teaser to be played at the press conference before the official unveiling to the world at the motor show.

Partnering with director Artem Skiy, we exceeded the clients expectations and created a highly creative promo video inspired by Top Gear and high end TV commercials for super cars to show off the truck’s unique design features and communicative external LED displays.

Executive Producer: Ryu Ishimori

Producer: Adrian Grey

Director: Artem Skiy

DP: Brandon Strack

AC/AD: Tom Slemmons

2nd AC: Alexis Wuillaume

Production Manager: Tatsuya Yamada

Gaffer: Vince Paul

Lighting/Grip: Yukari Saito Chief, Tetsuya Kusu 2nd, Masahiro Kawakami 2nd, Takeshi Kagami 2nd, Mie Inaba 2nd, Koji Matsumoto 2nd

Lighting Effects: Borislav Radosavljevic

Key Grip: Jun Nobutaka

PA: Shoichi Hanaue

Editor: Artem Skiy, Brandon Strack

Color: Brandon Strack

Music: Left/Right

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